DB Cargo Starts Using HVO Fuel

In partnership with the best HVO suppliers, DB Cargo has disclosed that its diesel mainlines and shunting engines will be using hydrotreated vegetable oil or HVO fuel. Their machines can pull trains of up to 3,000 tonnes for last-mile services at secluded sidings,...

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HVO Fuel Paves the Way to A Sustainable Future

In an effort to reduce the amount of Northern Ireland’s reliance on kerosene and diesel, local authorities and public institutions are starting biofuel trials for both transportation and heating due to the affordable HVO price and benefits such fuels offer. Some...

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Drywall and Brickwork Business Ditches Diesel for HVO

Derbyshire-based construction company, Phoenix Brickwork, is changing from diesel to hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) for the fuel they use in their equipment. They said that this fuel is high quality, non-toxic, and made from renewable materials that can be regrown,...

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What Is The HVO Price In The UK?

HVO is a sustainable fuel that is generally used as a substitute for regular diesel. It produces low carbon emissions and does not rely on fossil fuels, making it a sustainable fuel source. Because of this, HVO fuel has become very popular with companies and...

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How Much Does HVO Fuel Cost Compared to Fossil Diesel?

HVO stands for hydrotreated vegetable oil and is an eco-friendly biofuel that uses hydrogen as a catalyst to create a renewable energy source from, as the name suggests, vegetable oils. Because HVO is created using hydrogen instead of methanol as a catalyst, it is...

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Great Achievements In HVO Fuel

Breakthroughs have been made in the race to make alternative, environment-friendly fuels. Two research projects have been successful in finding new ways to make biofuels more efficient and available to many. HVO biofuels have long been eyed as the primary source of...

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